Thrive with 5 is back
With better rewards for 2018!

Smedley Award Winners 

Arcadia Toastmasters
Parsons Toastmasters Club
Pasadena Community Toastmasters

Clubs with 5 DCP Points

Edison Loquacious Club
La Palma Toastmasters
GO Masters
Anaheim Breakfast Club

Clubs with 5 New Members

Valley Speakers Club
Arcadia Toastmasters
Pasadena Community Toastmasters
Kaiser Toastmasters
Caltech Toastmasters
DPW Speakers Forum
First International Expressions
Edison Loquacious Club
Parsons Toastmasters Club
Polysh’d Speakers
Panda Toastmasters
The Friendly Toastmasters Club
Figures of Speech Toastmasters Club 2565
Crown City Toastmasters Club
The Standard Bearers
Century 21 Allstars
All Nations Toastmasters Club

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New Clubs

Faithful Voices – Club #7047063 – Covina

Cornerstone Realty Toastmasters – Club #7050426 – Whittier

Educational Achievements

  • DTM – Shanon Harmon
  • DTM – Amy Jaffke
  • DTM – Leslie Martel
  • DTM – Member #00316105
  • Triple Crown – Beatrice Gonzalez
  • Triple Crown – Joella Holbrook
  • Triple Crown – Teresa-Michelle Ruiz
  • Triple Crown – Member #06820508

Pathways Path Complete

  • Teresa-Michelle Ruiz – PM5