We are Distinguished!

Thank you District 100!

It takes the hard work and dedication of all members to be Distinguished.
You have done the work and been recognized!

Posted by Karen Marie on Sunday, June 30, 2019

Did your club add members between June 17-30 and you’re not on the list below?
Forward your membership confirmation email to d100@d100tm.org
to claim your award!

Clubs earning $10 Gift Certificates

for adding new members

BPLS Toastmasters (3)
BrewMeisters (4)
Caltech Debate
Caltech Toastmasters (3)
Edison Powerlines (2)
Faithful Voices
Irwindale Chamber of Commerce Club
ISD Toastmasters Club
Lake Ave Toastmasters
Liftoff La Palma (2)
Monterey Park Club
Pasadena Project Masters (3)
San Marino Toastmasters
Speaking of Glory
Speechcrafters (2)
Titan Toastmasters
Toast of Brea
Word – Spinners Toastmasters Club
Yorba Linda-Placentia Club (2)

269 Valley Speakers Club
407 Past District Governors/Directors
587 Dynamic Forcemasters
2151 Parsons Toastmasters Club
2495 Knotts Speak Easy
2927 DPW Speakers Forum
3364 Edison Loquacious Club
3425 Yorba Linda-Placentia Club
3828 Eclectic Dialectics Toastmasters
3836 Anaheim Breakfast Club
8462 Monterey Park Club
9452 Pasadena Community Toastmasters
9811 Irwindale Chamber of Commerce
585096 ISD Toastmasters
699690 Words of Hope Toastmasters
835704 Speaking of Glory
1412788 La Palma Toastmasters
2124227 BrewMeisters
2423290 Pasadena Presbyterian Church
4714177 PRIMO Toastmasters
5803399 AAPA Toastmasters
6597349 Cocoa Vino
6787359 ESL Masters

1699 Speechcrafters Club
3292 JPL/Caltech Toastmasters
1010248 Caltech Toastmasters
6924422 San Marino Toastmasters
7047063 Faithful Voices
7196848 Talk of the Town

416 A.C.T.S. Club
1055 Edison Power Lines
5278 Crown City Toastmasters
6245 Orange County Communicators
6366 BPLS Toastmasters
714988 Irwindale Speakway
1748564 Innovative Speakers
2146196 LACSD Toastmasters
2459634 All Nations Toastmasters
3215028 San Gabriel Wine & Dine
4690378 Cathay Bank Toastmaster
524242435 The Standard Bearers
5365865 AltaMed Toastmasters

How does your club measure up?

See your rank in the Distinguished Club Program here


Areas and Divisions

President’s Distinguished

Arroyo Seco Division
Rose Division
Area A2
Area G3

Select Distinguished

Gateway Division
Area R2 (All clubs Distinguished or higher)
Area P4


Los Coyotes Division
Area A1
Area A3
Area L2
Area L3
Area P1
Area R3
Area S3

Start the year off

right with

Club Officer


July 13, 8am – Noon
Caltech, Pasadena
Details and RSVP Here!

Downloadable Map of Caltech Available Here

Bring a friend!

Share the benefits of


Bring a friend

You’ve received many benefits from your membership in Toastmasters and there are many more to discover. Why maintain Toastmasters the best keep secret? There is always room in your club for another member. Bring a friend to your next meeting and begin exploring all that Toastmasters has to offer together!

Congratulations Club Coaches!

Jeffery RollertWord – Spinners
Karen LucasWord – Spinners
Mauricio RodriguezPolysh’d Speakers
Michael KunyszExcel Orators
Precious CrosbyEmcee 20
Richard SnyderOC Communicators
Silvia SwigertDiverse Voices
William J. HarmonPasadena Club 6
William StaffordSan Gabriel Speech Masters
Zaida RichardBPLS

If successful (that is, the club is Distinguished or higher) by June 30, 2020, each of these members will receive Club Coach credit and District service credit (equivalent to serving as an Area Director) toward their DTM award.

Do you want to help a club in need, expand your leadership skills, and earn credit toward your DTM? Let the District know your availability and we will match you to a club that needs your help.