The Magnificent Seven

Serve your club with excellence as an officer
Earn a beautiful metal star paperweight

Special recognition at the District Conference

The following 17 clubs sent their officers to take the first step in serving their club members with excellence – training all seven officers!  All seven of club officers were trained in both the summer and winter training cycles.   As a result, they were entered into a random drawing for a complete set of Toastmasters official Officer pins!

We encourage the club officers to wear them with pride at every opportunity and carry the message that Toastmasters clubs provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

All the officers who were trained are winners, as are their clubs because they are serving their members with excellence.  Congratulations to all the officers who spent their time and energy to learn the latest information available from World Headquarters!


  • Caltech Debate (6606328)
  • Cerritos College (6778185)
  • Dynamic Whittier (873)
  • ISD Toastmasters (585096)
  • Lake Avenue (8360
  • Parsons (2151)
All qualified clubs:
  • Crown City 5278
  • Pasadena Presbyterian 2423290
  • AAPA Toastmasters 5803399
  • Lake Avenue 8360
  • Caltech Debate 6606328
  • Dynamic Whittier 873
  • Cerritos College 6778185
  • ISD Toastmasters 585096
  • Cocoa Vino 6597349
  • PDG 407
  • Figures of Speech 2565
  • Anaheim Breakfast 3836
  • Tongues-A-Flame 5639
  • Anaheim Club 2
  • Orange County Communicators 6245
  • Parsons 2151
  • PRIMO 471477

Criteria For the Magnificent 7 Star Award:
One star for each office will be awarded. 

Runner up officers will receive a certificate.


  • All Officers Trained both cycles
  • If club is under 12 members, a club coach is requested and assigned.

Vice President of Education

  • Most Educational Awards

Vice President of Membership

  • Most New Members

Vice President of Public Relations

  • Best Up-To-Now Media Presence
    • As judged by District PR Team
    • Could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website, etc.


  • Officer Lists in on Time
  • Member Lists Complete and Up To Date
    • Email and Phone Numbers Current


  • Member Payments/Renewals in on Time
  • Tax Form Submitted On Time

Sergeant At Arms

Seven Officers Trained Summer and Winter

All clubs with 7 officers trained in both sessions
will be entered into a drawing to win
one of six sets of
Club Officer Pins