District 100 Club Alignment

Final 2017-2018 Alignment as of July 10, 2017

Div Club Club Name City
A1 3292 JPL/Caltech Toastmasters Club Pasadena
A1 5278 Crown City Toastmasters Club Pasadena
A1 8735 Kaiser Toastmasters Pasadena
A1 9170 SAINTS ALIVE! Toastmasters Club Pasadena
A2 416 A.C.T.S. Club Pasadena
A2 5803399 AAPA Toastmasters Pasadena
A2 9452 Pasadena Community Toastmasters Pasadena
A2 2423290 Pasadena Presbyterian Church Toastmasters Pasadena
A3 8360 Lake Avenue Toastmasters Club Pasadena
A3 1010248 Caltech Toastmasters Pasadena
A3 6606328 Caltech Debate Pasadena
A3 3047963 Pasadena Center Speakers Pasadena
A4 1699 Speechcrafters Club South Pasadena
A4 2754 Catholic Communication Toastmasters Club South Pasadena
A4 2927 DPW Speakers Forum Alhambra
A4 6 Pasadena Club 6 Pasadena
R1 356 Communicators Toastmasters Pasadena
R1 2044642 On The Dot Pasadena
R1 589 Word – Spinners Toastmasters Club South Pasadena
R1 200 San Gabriel Valley Club 200 San Marino
R1 9811 Irwindale Chamber of Commerce Club Irwindale
R2 729 JETS Club 729 Pasadena
R2 2151 Parsons Toastmasters Club Pasadena
R2 3215028 San Gabriel Valley Wine and Dine Pasadena
R2 1055 Edison Power Lines Club Rosemead
R2 714988 Irwindale Speakway Club Irwindale
R3 1165745 Power Speakers Covina
R3 4687920 ALN San Gabriel Valley Toastmasters Alhambra
R3 115 Arcadia Hoyt Curtis Toastmasters Club Arcadia
R3 554 The Friendly Toastmasters Club Temple City
R3 699690 Words of Hope Toastmasters Duarte
S1 1207003 RivOrators Rosemead
S1 4714177 PRIMO Toastmasters Arcadia
S1 2387 Covina Breakfast Club Covina
S1 5638428 Yea-Sayers! Monrovia
S2 7849 True North Toastmasters Club 7849 Covina
S2 979692 Polysh’d Speakers Pomona
S2 1748564 Innovative Speakers Pomona
S2 835704 Speaking of Glory Club Azusa
S3 269 Valley Speakers Club Hacienda Heights
S3 2436 First International Expressions Rowland Heights
S3 Imminent Charter Wando International Azusa
S3 4690378 Cathay Bank Toastmaster El Monte
S4 460 Hillcrest Club Whittier
S4 1456 Whittier Wordcrafters Toastmasters Club Whittier
S4 2164 Excel Orators La Habra
S4 2146196 LACSD Toastmasters Whittier
G1 1302045 Panda Toastmasters Rosemead
G1 3364 Edison Loquacious Club Rosemead
G1 8462 Monterey Park Club Monterey Park
G1 2401081 Union Bank Monterey Park Monterey Park
G2 1861341 San Gabriel Speech Masters San Gabriel
G2 5242435 The Standard Bearers Whittier
G2 6456634 Century 21 Realty Masters Norwalk
G2 873 Dynamic Whittier Toastmasters Club Whittier
G3 1437860 RRCC Toastmasters Norwalk
G3 4195293 UPS Toastmasters Cerritos
G3 7640 DCFS Club Santa Fe Springs
G3 3966185 LAC-DHS Toastmasters Commerce
G4 20 Emcee 20 Montebello
G4 3828 Eclectic Dialectics Toastmasters Club Cerritos
G4 5365865 AltaMed Toastmasters Club Commerce
G4 587 Dynamic Forcemasters Club 587 Whittier
L1 743962 Smart Toast Toastmasters Club Commerce
L1 585096 ISD Toastmasters Club Downey
L1 3026363 Century 21 Allstars Pico Rivera
L1 5559661 LA EWMC Toastmasters Club Commerce
L2 1246 Table Talkers Club Buena Park
L2 6366 Indian Professional Toastmasters Buena Park
L2 1412788 La Palma Toastmasters La Palma
L2 4507762 Spirited Toastmasters Cerritos
L3 6597349 Cocoa Vino PreCharter Club Brea
L3 3127 Raytheon Smooth Talker Club Fullerton
L3 3607 Bre’Ahs Toastmasters Brea
L3 4744910 Whittier Speakers Community Club Whittier
L4 3281844 Leading Edge Brea
L4 72 Toast of Brea Toastmasters Brea
L4 5270 Diverse Voices Club Brea
L4 2124227 BrewMeisters Brea
P1 9591 Yorba Linda Achievers Toastmasters Club Yorba Linda
P1 407 Past District Governors/ Directors Club Brea
P1 2565 Figures of Speech Toastmasters Club 2565 Placentia
P1 3425 Yorba Linda-Placentia Club Yorba Linda
P2 4181 Titan Toastmasters Fullerton
P2 5639 Tongues-A-Flame Club Anaheim Hills
P2 3836 Anaheim Breakfast Club Anaheim
P2 5884 Anaheim City Communicators Club Anaheim
P3 1059533 Humor Masters Toastmasters Anaheim
P3 6536518 The Toasters of ARC Anaheim
P3 2 Anaheim Club Anaheim
P3 9 Professional Speakers Toastmasters Club 9 Anaheim
P4 2495 Knotts Speak Easy Toastmasters Club Anaheim
P4 6245 Orange County Communicators Anaheim
P4 2459634 All Nations Toastmasters Club Anaheim
P4 5820937 All In Toastmasters Brea